What Does a Drilling Supervisor Do?

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Contrary to popular belief, it is not true that there is no strict requirement in working in the petroleum industry. In fact, you can even say that requirements here are more strictly enforced. Since nearly everyone that works in this industry are highly educated, oftentimes, even positions like drilling supervisors require their applicant to have an engineering degree at the very least, particularly engineering majors like mechanical, chemical, civil, or petroleum engineering. Go to the site and get starburst free spins at our casino. Limited supply!

People who work in the petroleum industry are tasked based on their particular strengths and knowledge acquired through experience and study. Among the many job designations when working with oil and gas companies is drilling supervisor. There is really no “more important” job position in the petroleum industry as every position are just as equally important. Different work positions have particular tasks to do and the result of their work should coherently and cohesively work with that of the others.

Becoming a drilling supervisor is not that easy as you will need to cover a three-year education and training program to become skilled, competent, and proficient in managing drilling operations. Since work assignments for this type of job will require you to travel, it is crucial that you learn how to focus on work assignments properly without being distracted from homesickness. Technical skills and competence are crucial for this type of job and it is important that you are always able to deliver your best when you get assigned for offshore fieldwork.

The main responsibilities of drilling supervisors are aplenty. This will include mainly the supervising of drilling operations such as for instrument installation, monitoring wells, auger boring, rock coring, and other types where drilling may be required. This is the very reason why it is crucial that you understand all your drilling equipment and know when to use them. Aside from this, you will also need to log data and samples as well as communicate with other field supervisors such as your project manager and other work supervisors.